PixID Editorial Image Tracking

Identify editorial images in print publications.

“Idée’s image monitoring service for print and web is an outstanding technological breakthrough.” - Michael Scotto, Director Photo Business, Agence France-Presse (AFP)

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Benefits of Image Tracking with PixID

  • Automate your editorial billing process
  • Recover license revenues from unaccounted image use
  • Uncover unauthorized image use
  • Accurately identify every image usage
  • Track authorized and exclusive image use
  • Verify image license compliance
  • Introduce accountability to your distribution relationships
  • Streamline royalty disbursements to your photographers
  • Determine ROI and highlight opportunities for increased sales in new markets
  • Back up content purchasing decisions with solid, market–relevant data

PixID Image Monitoring Service

A technological breaktrough in image identification and tracking for print publications.

PixID is a comprehensive, automated image monitoring service that uses advanced image identification algorithms to identify where your images are being used in print publications.

How PixID Image Monitoring Works

PixID does not use watermarks so there is no additional data to add to your images and nothing to be removed to prevent detection. Our sophisticated image identification algorithms can identify images even when they have been drastically modified.

Who should use PixID?

Any firm who wants to know where their images appear in print publications. In particular editorial, celebrity and entertaiment firms, news wire services and any firm who is licensing their images and needs to accurately bill or report image usage.

PixID Clients

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